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Our Family child care is based on the belief, that childrens' needs are of the utmost importance. As a child care provider, mentor, teacher, I am committed in meeting high quality learning through Cognitive, Art,Manipulatives, Outdoor, Senory activites, Circle-time, Social/ Emotional, Music, Language /Literacy,nutrional Organic meals with all food groups. As a parent myself, of two beautiful children 23 & 21 yrs.old, in College, They too are certified in CPR and First Aid,Mandated Reporter certified, also during summer, spring, winter breaks. In activities. I am a NewYork native with an education in Parochial school all my life, have been in California since I was 9yrs old, with an old school up bringing. I also have a background in early child psychology from CSEB,+ many years of experience in healthcare, that I too have brought to my children as a provider, mentor. I am certified in CPR/1st Aid. I have a background clearance and finger print from the Dept. of Justice. I enjoy cooking and have extensively educated myself in outstanding nutrition to provide organic home made meals, with all the food groups, as a member of the Contra Costa Nutritional Program. I invite you to the opportunity, call and make an appointment to see my daycare and preschool.


Location: In the city of Concord California, minutes from the freeway 680/24/ Close to Treat Blvd., Clayton Rd, Concord High School, El Dorado Middle School.

Why us?

We are a Family home Base

Child care with a preschool setting. We provide the perks of a preschool with the structure and education,along with the one on one care, as a family .. we prepare and teach our children for the years to come.